Step 2: Get FREE Bitcoin
Step #1: Create Your Wallet
Step #2: Get Free Bitcoin
Step  #3: Make It Work For You
Step #4: Bonus
How To Get Free Bitcoin!
Below are a few websites where you will add your bitcoin address you created in step 1. These sites are called faucets and while there are thousands of them I only listed the most reliable and highest paying ones so you can stock up faster for Step 3!
Join Each Of These Faucets Below and Collect Bitcoin FREE
Warning! You will see ads on this page some will promises you riches untold. Be warned many of these lead to scams as bitcoin is not regulated.
Video Below about how to use these programs if you need it
Bookmark BitcoinFlood to keep up to date
#1 (claim any time after 15 min)
BitFun (claim after 5 min)
SwissAdPays (claim every 1 Hour)
Moonbit (claim any time after 15min)
AllCoins (multi Claim adds up fast)
EarnCrypto ( Easiest Way Is To Watch Videos)
Earn.GG (Easiest Way Is To Watch Videos)
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